Finer Womanhood Brunch. March 16, 2019


2019 Zeta of the Year: Ruth Jenkins, Left with Gamma Rho Zeta Chapter President, Gladys Sailes.


2019 Women of the Year:  Manatee County, Akilla Miller (Right) and Sarasota County, Vicki Oldham.


2019 Amicae of the Year:  Osie Sailes( Third from left) with Chapter President, Gladys Sailes, (left), Amicae President, Towanda Brinson( second from Left) and Vanzetta Thomas.


2019 Chapter Youth Awards:  Irie Way,  Archonette of the Year( left );  Pearlette of the Year,  Amiayah Morgan( center); and Amicette of the Year, Brielle Saint Cyr(right).


2019 8th Grade Student Achievers.


Gamma Rho Zeta Chapter members - 2019.