Finer Womanhood Brunch. March 10, 2018

2018 Zeta of the Year - Angela Hodges Lindsey(center) with Chapter President, Gladys Houston (left) and Chapter member, Francheska Dixon (right).

2018 Women of the Year:  Manatee County, Dr. Diana Greene (2nd from Rt) and Sarasota County, Dr. Brook Bello (2nd from left).  With Gladys Houston (right) and Shelli Eddie (left).

2018 Amicae of the Year - Shelia Sailes Wilson(left) with Chapter President, Gladys Houston.

2018 Chapter Youth Awards:  Samaria Clasco, Archonette of the Year; Ifhmalee Caceuis, Amicette of the Year; Saniya Rice, Pearlette of the Year.

2018 8th Grade Student Achievers.